“How Precious is Your Steadfast Love, O God!”


Readings:Psalm 36:1-37:2 (text); John 7:37-39; 8:12; Rom 1:18, 24-28, 32
August 2 2015, Pasig Covenant Reformed Church * August 9, 2015, Big Springs Community Church
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Dear Congregation of Christ: As we scan the news these last several weeks, we as Chris­tians might as well just throw our hands up in the air and say, “I give up. It’s no use to resist and oppose the wickedness of the world.” First, the Supreme Court forced the hands of all 50 states to legalize same-sex marriage. Second, we learned of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of the tissues and organs of aborted babies. And this week, there is much more outrage over one hunted lion than millions of murdered unborn infants.

Ps36.9What must Christians do when it seems that the whole wicked world is against us? In Psalm 36, King David laments what he sees: the wicked seems to be successful in opposing and persecuting God’s people. But he praises God for his immeasurable “steadfast love” for his people. And this steadfast love protects them from the wicked.

So our theme today, then, is “How Precious is Your Steadfast Love, O God!” in three headings: first, Its Immeasurable Bounds;second, Its Abundant Provisions; and third, Its Power Against the Wicked.

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