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“I Know My Own and My Own Know Me”


Deuteronomy 7:6-11; John 10:1-30; John 10:3-4, 14, 27 (texts)

January 17, 2016 (Big Springs URC and ZCRC Pasig) • Download this sermon (PDF)

Dear Congregation of Christ: As I was listening to one of the lectures yesterday at the Annual Conference of Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California, I was struck by the lecturer’s Top 10 reasons why the Holy Spirit is so important in preaching. These reasons include: without the Spirit, there would be no Bible, no preacher, no people to listen, and no regeneration. The Spirit works in all of these aspects of preaching. Regeneration is the work of the Spirit when he gives life to a sinner dead in sin. But a sinner’s salvation is the work of the Three Persons of our Trinitarian God. God chooses those whom he pleases to save, Jesus Christ the Son of God gives his life for those whom God had chosen to save; and the Spirit gives life to those whom God had chosen.

"The Good Shepherd" by James Tissot (1886-94)

“The Good Shepherd” by James Tissot, 1886-94 (click image to enlarge)

Our text today comes from John Chapter 10, usually called the Good Shepherd Discourse. As I was reading this chapter, I could not help but see that the whole process of a sinner’s salvation, from election, to regeneration, to justification, to sanctification, and finally, to glorification, can be mined from this rich chapter. Here, Jesus likens himself to a Good Shepherd. And all believers are like sheep. So in the next four Sundays, I will be preaching on four aspects of our salvation from John 10. Last Sunday, we studied a portion of John 8, where Jesus says that all sinners are slaves of sin and dead in sin, and he is the only way to freedom from sin and eternal life.

But here in John 10, Jesus also says the same thing to unbelievers, “You do not believe because you are not among my sheep” (v 26). Someday, I would go back and preach on this text again. But today, we will focus on verse 4, when he says, “I know my own and my own know me.” He calls his sheep “my own” and “my sheep,” and he “knows” them. In the other texts we will focus on the sheep “knowing” his voice, and also that his Father “has given them to me.”

This morning, our meditation will be, “I Know My Own and My Own Know Me,”focusing on four things: first, “My Own” Sheep; second, The Sheep Known from Eternity; third, They Know His Voice; and fourth, “My Father Has Given Them to Me.”

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