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  • Working for the Weekend, or Working for the Sabbath?

    Working for the Weekend, or Working for the Sabbath?

      Or, TGIF or TGISun? “Working for the weekend” is a fixation in the American culture. TGIF! We slave away Mondays-Fridays, and just let it all hang out Friday evenings till Sunday nights. The result? Monday morning blues. Hangover. Worn out at work. God performed his work of creation in six days, then “rested on…

  • “My Soul Thirsts for You, O God!”

    “My Soul Thirsts for You, O God!”

    Readings: Psalms 42-43 (text); John 4:13-14 August 16, 2015 * Download this sermon (PDF) Dear Congregation of Christ: Today, Christians are bombarded on television, books, seminars with promises of a life of prosperity – of health, wealth and happiness. That Christian life is a life without sadness, grief, loneliness, struggles, or even death. But what our Lord…

  • The Righteous and the Wicked

    The Righteous and the Wicked

      Psalm 1 (text); Jeremiah 17:5-8; Matthew 7:13-14 May 24, 2015* [wpdm_package id=’12603′]   The Psalter is an extremely important part of the church with its prayers, songs, emotions, and doctrine. During the early church and the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation, the Psalms were almost exclusively sung in the churches. The Book of Psalms is…

  • “This Day is Holy to the Lord”

    “This Day is Holy to the Lord”

      Scripture Readings: Nehemiah 8::1-12 (text); Galatians 3:19-27 May 25, 2014 • Pasig and Trinity Covenant Reformed Church • Download this sermon (PDF) Introduction Congregation of Christ: For the last three Lord’s Days, we have studied the first main part of our worship service: Entering into Worship. We studied God’s Call to Worship, the people’s response in…

  • 9 Novelties That Will Spoil Your Worship Service on Mother’s Day

    9 Novelties That Will Spoil Your Worship Service on Mother’s Day

    Since Mother’s Day is commemorated on the second Sunday of May, pastors are usually caught in a dilemma. Should I or shouldn’t I? with regards to incorporating a Mother’s Day celebration in the worship service. Below are some of the novelties I gleaned from the Web that churches have done (or may have done) for…

  • 5th Anniversary Galleries

    5th Anniversary Galleries

    Praising and thanking God for his salvation and faithfulness to the church in worship and banqueting

  • Psalms for 5th Anniversary Service

    Just preparing the order of worship for our 5th Anniversary Service gets me excited and energized. Here are the four psalms I chose for singing.

  • Imus 2nd Anniversary Bulletin

    Imus 2nd Anniversary Bulletin

    ALMIGHTY GOD, Visit us through your Holy Spirit, and help us to celebrate “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” in this our 2nd Anniversary.

  • 18 Tips for Public Reading of Scripture

    18 Tips for Public Reading of Scripture

    The public reading and preaching of Scripture is a means of grace, because it is through the preaching of the gospel that the Spirit regenerates the hearts of people, enabling them to willingly repent and believe in Christ. As such, we are to honor this means of God’s grace through diligent preparation and proclamation.

  • The Burnt Offering

    The Burnt Offering

    Burnt offerings therefore signify that whenever believers gather as God’s people during worship services, they ascend into the heavenly places by the Spirit through faith in Christ. Our offerings of prayers, songs and doxologies, and our vows of consecration to God ascend into heaven as a pleasing aroma to God.