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Statement on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality Based on URCNA’s Church Order

  In 2011, Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio, a liberal, ecumenical church in the Philippines, held a same-sex wedding ceremony for ten couples. Since same-sex marriage is illegal in the city as well as in the country, they were declared null and void and cannot be registered in the civil registry of marriages. So […]

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A Brief Backgrounder on the Denomination Behind our Churches

We are churches that vary in race, nationality, location, and even language at times but we are united in historic Reformation teaching, teaching that emphasizes the biblical truths of sin, deliverance from it in Christ alone, and gratitude for deliverance in biblical worship.

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URCNA Missions Committee Approved

Why would our URC churches support missionaries and parachurch organizations that are adamantly hostile against our cherished doctrines and confessions such as the doctrines of grace, infant baptism, covenant theology, regulative principle of worship, psalm singing, amillennialism, and many others?

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Our Story

  Beginnings A core group of young people first met for Bible study at our home in Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines on a Saturday afternoon, June 21, 2008, in the midst of a destructive typhoon that hit the Philippines. As the storm was approaching Manila, we had an introduction to our study and a time of […]

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