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Working for the Weekend, or Working for the Sabbath?

  Or, TGIF or TGISun? “Working for the weekend” is a fixation in the American culture. TGIF! We slave away Mondays-Fridays, and just let it all hang out Friday evenings till Sunday nights. The result? Monday morning blues. Hangover. Worn out at work. God performed his work of creation in six days, then “rested on […]

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Is Work Vanity?

The priesthood of all believers means that all of these Christian brothers and sisters from all walks of life, doing all kinds of vocations are servants of Christ. All vocations are God’s good gifts to his people, and therefore are noble and honorable, so we are to perform them diligently, honestly and joyfully in the Lord.

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The Lord’s Day as Our Sabbath Delight and Rest

I remember our younger days when our Lord’s Day practically started on Saturday evening. We all ironed our clothes and spit-shined our shoes. My mother prepared our meals for Sunday. There was no staying late on Saturday nights, because there were no malls, no computers, no video games, not even late-night parties.

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The Lord’s Day Worship as Our Sabbath Rest

We do not enter the eternal Sabbath based on our own faulty righteous works, but based on the perfect sacrifice and righteous works of Jesus our Great High Priest, through whom we “receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Heb 4:14-16).

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