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A New Kind of Seeker-Sensitive Church

  In White Horse Inn’s “Top Ten Ways Not To Defend the Faith,” the sixth way is “Explain to people that your favorite celebrity or politician is a Christian so Christianity must be true.” This way of “name-drop” witnessing might be prevalent among those who attend Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF), where so many celebrities flock on Sundays. […]

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Our Church Shrinkage Seminar Part 2

But if Jesus was a pastor of an evangelical church today, would he drive people away with his teachings? Unfortunately, the answer is that most would reject them, and like the Jews, even vehemently hate them.

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Our Church Shrinkage Seminar Part 1

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So if you want to be uplifted, affirmed and loved, “come as you are” to a megachurch. They’ll shower you with God’s “unconditional love” from the get-go with love songs to Jesus and with a “God is good all the time” mantra.

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