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Sermon Series on the Book of Judges

“The leadership of Joshua had set them up to [be faithful to the covenant in the land God had given them], and yet success was not automatic. The people depended on faithful leadership, which they generally lacked. Even the judges fell short of the ideal for leaders; nevertheless, God used them to preserve and chastise […]

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The Lord Sends Ehud to Bring a Sacrifice

  Scripture Readings: Judges 3:12-31 (text); Hebrews 4:12 July 3, 2016 (ZCRC Pasig and BSCC) • Download this sermon (PDF) Congregation of Christ: Who among you are left-handed? I am, and in my younger years, to be left-handed had its disadvantages. It was actually frowned upon, even considered “abnormal.” Some teachers would even hit your left […]

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