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Our creeds, confessions, worship and practice

Statement on Gender and Sexuality

We believe: 1. That homosexual desires and actions are a result of the Fall and are sinful. 2. That homosexuals who give in to these desires and actions or who argue their legitimacy, like all sinners, must be clearly called to repentance and faith. The unrepentant must be disciplined by the church. Those who practice […]

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Statement on Marriage

We believe: 1. That God wonderfully and immutably created each person as male or female. That these two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God (Genesis 1:26-27). 2. That the only kind of marriage that meets with divine approval is between a chromo­somal man and a chromosomal woman (Genesis 2:18-25). 3. […]

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Ang Kapahayagang Cambridge (The Cambridge Declaration)

On April 20, 1996, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) met in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and issued a document called “The Cambridge Declaration.” In this document, the ACE calls all evangelicals “to turn away from the worldly methods it has come to embrace, and to recover the Biblical doctrines of the Reformation.” ANG KAPAHAYAGANG CAMBRIDGE PART 1 – […]

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“What is a Reformed Church?”

A Reformed church is Christian, Protestant, Confessional, not Catholic, “dead, traditional, or ritualistic.”

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What We Believe

In addition to the Three Forms of Unity (Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession of Faith, Canons of Dort), we treasure the rich and harmonious diversity of creeds and confessions within the historic Protestant Reformation tradition.

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