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9 Novelties That Will Spoil Your Worship Service on Mother’s Day

Since Mother’s Day is commemorated on the second Sunday of May, pastors are usually caught in a dilemma. Should I or shouldn’t I? with regards to incorporating a Mother’s Day celebration in the worship service. Below are some of the novelties I gleaned from the Web that churches have done (or may have done) for this occasion:

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    Call God weird names like “Mothering God,” “Midwifing God,” “Nurturing God,” “Grandmothering God,” or “Mother Earth God.”

  2. Sing Carrie Underwood’s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” for the call to worship, and only songs dedicated to mothers the rest of the service.
  3. Show a video with Rob Bell saying that God is beyond gender and God is a Father and a Mother.
  4. Tell the whole congregation—with some mothers, single women, and childless couples—that motherhood is the ultimate blessing of God to women.
  5. Preach “God our Mother,” who, like our earthly mothers, believe in us, that we were made for great things.
  6. Assign the children of the pastor to read Scriptures, and dedicating it to the mothers.
  7. Have the beautiful wife of the pastor preach, with their children on display.
  8. Replace the altar call with a rededication service where the mothers kneel in front, and the children laying their hands on their mothers while the pastor prays a prayer of blessing.
  9. Cancel the worship service altogether in favor of Mother’s Day lunch.

The worship service is a God-centered, Word-centered covenant renewal event. If the entire service is focused on mothers and women in general, then the worship service is out of focus.

What about our church? Check back here on Monday.

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