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5 Reasons Why We Are Not New Calvinists

john calvin3James J. Cassidy, pastor of Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ringoes, New Jersey, has written a post at the Reformed Forum after he attended a recent lecture by John Piper at Westminster Theological Seminary. He praises Piper for being a “passionate, learned, articulate, and just right” preacher and scholar.

Piper compares the so-called “new Calvinism” popularized by the “Young, Restless and Reformed” such as Mark Driscoll and others, with the “old Calvinism.”  Nevertheless, his comparison between the new and the old was missing something very important: ecclesiology. So in light of this, Rev. Cassidy gives five reasons why he is not a new Calvinist:

1. Continuing Revelation. “But to embrace unconditional election and have new revelations in worship is hardly a reformation in today’s church.”

2. Confessions. “The new Calvinism seems to come at the Bible abstracted from the creeds, confessions, and history of the church. But being confessional was part and parcel of the Reformation.”

3. Polity. “A non-accountable, non-denominational disconnectionalism fits at odds with a Calvinistic theology.”

4. Sacraments. “I think the expression ‘Reformed Baptist’ is somewhat anachronistic. The Calvinistic baptists of an earlier generation did not use that term, and rightly so… But what is more is how the sacraments are regarded among the new Calvinists. Rather than being means of grace, they are merely signs and seals.”

5. Eschatology. “Dispensational premillennialism does not fit at all within any of the Reformed confessions… But if the church is an end-times people, then her identity is found as pilgrims, strangers, and sojourners on the earth… I fail to see how the transformationalism and triumphalism that we see so prevalent in much of the new Calvinism squares with a Calvinistic doctrine of the church.”

Rewording Paul, “Not all ‘Calvinists’ belong to ‘Calvinism.'”

Read the whole article here.