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Advent 2013 Sermon Series: Christmas in Exodus

Last year, our Advent sermon series was “Christmas in Genesis.” This year, as I prayed about what to preach this Advent season, I remembered that in the last few months, I have been preaching from Leviticus Chapter 9 (various offerings and sacrifices) and currently from Chapter 23 (seven feasts of Israel).

So my attention turned to the Book of Exodus, and in looking at Chapters 1-4 and 13, I saw its many connections to the early years of Jesus in Israel and Egypt. So here’s what the Advent 2013 sermon series might look like, with the Exodus texts and New Testament readings:


Artwork by Ariel Crisostomo (click image to enlarge)

Artwork by Ariel Crisostomo (click image to enlarge)

Christmas in Exodus

December 1: “Every Hebrew Son You Shall Cast into the Nile”
Exodus 1:22-2:10; Matthew 2:1-18

December 8: “And God Heard Their Groaning and Remembered His Covenant”
Exodus 2:23-25; Luke 1:67-79

December 15: “A Bridegroom of Blood”
Exodus 4:24-26; Luke 1:26-33, 2:21

December 22: “Consecrate to Me All the Firstborn”
Exodus 13:1-2, 11-16; Luke 2:22-24

Remember also, these two Christmas events:

December 21 5:30-9:00 PM: Progressive Dinner and Christmas Fellowship (for members and regulars only)

December 24  4:00-5:30 PM: Annual Festival of Scriptures and Songs

Come one, come all! Invite your family and friends as we remember with joy and reverence this great event in God’s redemption plan.