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Exciting Things are Happening!

By God’s providence, several exciting things are happening in Pasig and at Imus: Pastor Jayson sustaining his examination, moving to better and bigger locations, Sunday school for children, church anniversaries in September, and possible Reformation Day celebration in October. Please note the Action Items.

    • Congratulations, Pastor Jayson! May the Lord grant you strength to be a faithful steward of the Gospel of Christ.

      Congratulations, Pastor Jayson! May the Lord grant you strength to be a faithful steward of the Gospel of Christ. (click to enlarge)

      We rejoice with thankfulness to the Lord to announce that last Monday, August 27, Pastor Jayson Santiago sustained his acceptance examination as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament. The examination was administered by elders Warren Cruz, Albert Medina and by myself. The subjects covered were Personal Spiritual Life / Motives for Entering Ministry, Bible, Theology, Church Polity, Confessional Knowledge, Church History, and Pastoral Care. Pastor Jayson exhibited not only good knowledge, but also spiritual maturity. Action Item: After his completion of one final requirement, an installation service will be held on September 16 in Imus.

    • Lord willing, this coming Sunday, both churches will be worshipping under better conditions. In Imus, we will be climbing only to the 2nd floor, so no more huffing and puffing to the 4th floor. In Pasig, we will not be cramped in such a small space, in addition to also being on the 2nd floor. In Imus, we will be moving only chairs, two tables, an air-conditioner, and drapes. In Pasig we will need more able-bodied men and women to move chairs, a desk, a table, chairs. The major move is hauling about 500 books and three bookcases. Action Item: We need men and women for moving.
    • On September 9, we will be starting Sunday school for our children. There will be two groups: one for preschoolers through 2nd graders, and another for 3rd through 6th graders. We bought Kids’ Quest Catechism Club packets from Great Commission Publications. KQCC is a 36-week program designed to reinforce catechism memorization and understanding. This flexible curriculum promotes memorization using: Singing • Bible teaching • Crafts and games • Memory work • Family reinforcement • Take-home papers • and Service projects. Action Item: Two Sunday school teachers needed every Sunday from 1:30-2:30 p.m.
    • Anniversary Celebrations: We will celebrate our 4th year in Pasig and 1st year in Imus this September. Action Item: Meetings in both congregations to plan these events.
    • Rev. Allen Vander Pol of Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS) coming to teach a class. Lord willing, he will come around the end of October, so we might even have a Reformation Day celebration on October 27-28. Action Item: Watch for more details.
    • Our library’s catalogue system is almost ready. We will be publishing the catalogue on the Mars Hill Study Center website for online browsing by prospective visitors.

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