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First Imus Worship Service Report


We thank the Lord for 20 other people (in addition to the three of us from Pasig) who are diligently seeking to worship the true God in spirit and truth and joined us on our first Lord’s Day worship service in Imus, Cavite. Since many of them met one another for the first time, a time of introductions and fellowship followed. Here are a few pictures of the event:
[nggallery id=3]

For most of them, Reformed worship was a new thing, so I inserted a brief explanation of what the most significant elements meant and why they are part of the liturgy. Most of the families also received a copy of What to Expect in Reformed Worship by Rev. Danny Hyde of Oceanside United Reformed Church (near San Diego, California). You can download “A Brief Walk-Through Our Worship Liturgy” here (booklet printing) or here (two-page document). Or you can view the online version here.

I preached on Ephesians 4:1-16 on “The Unity of the Body of Christ.” I’ll post the sermon later today. The whole order of worship, with the songs, is here.

For more information on our worship service location, times, and contact numbers, please go to this page.



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