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September 2009 News

elijahbday_smWe finally got an old A-C installed at Mars Hill Study Center last month, so we do not have to sweat it out and also contend with the street noise during our worship services. It has also been really rainy and overcast over the last few months.

One of our members have moved closer to her hometown due to a job prospect. Two others are planning to leave–one going to Korea and another one going to California–to join their husbands. Because good-paying jobs are scarce in this country, many Filipinos turn to overseas employment. This is good for the economy, but not good for family relationships.

This coming Lord’s Day, we will have a congregational meeting to find ways to reach out to others. One thing that makes it difficult to reach out is that there is a proliferation of little independent churches in almost every small neighborhood. Most Roman Catholics call these churches “born again,” more often in a derogatory sense, because many of them are loud Pentecostal-Charismatic groups or they belong to cults and have strange names (e.g., Jesus Lover of My Soul Church, Jesus Saves Revival Fire Church).

Whenever I meet someone who is curious what a Reformed church is, I take that opportunity to give him/her an introductory booklet called “Reformed Essentials.” This Sunday, Lord willing, a pastor of a nearby church will visit us and observe how we worship.

Another difficulty we face every Sunday is the capacity of our small rented room–if five people were added to our regular attendance of about 10-15 adults and six children, we would be crowded. We also need a “cry room” because it is hard to focus on the worship service when there are three children who are three and under.